History of tattoos

History of tattoos

The beauty of tattoos have been around for thousands and thousands of years.

The earliest evidence of this art was dated around 5,200 years ago in ancient Egypt where they were called “Godna”. Although in modern times tattoos are considered somewhat masculine, majority of the earliest evidence of tattoos were found on female remains. It is actually said that tattoos were an exclusive practice to females in Egypt. The females would use what is described as a sharp point set in a wooden handle to perform these practices. Usually a dark or black colored soot was pricked into the skin.

In ancient times, tattoos were also practiced in China, India, Europe, Indonesia, Japan, Samoa, New Zealand, Persia, and the Philippines.

Tattoos in ancient China were considered very barbaric. Slaves in China would sometimes be marked (or tattooed) to display ownership.

Other countries, such as Japan, Persia, and Taiwan, tattoos are considered art. They are very spiritual and also used for decorative purposes.

In the islands of Samoa, male tattoos are referred to as “pe’a” and female tattoos are called “malu”. The word tattoo originated from the Samoan word “tatau” which means ‘to mark something’.

As you can see tattoos are very unique and diverse in different parts of the world. Rather they’re considered sacred or just a work of art, tattoos have been around for ages and are more than likely here to stay.


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  1. photo is so “disturbing” but it totally fits what you’re talking about!

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